The New Old Normal

Days are getting very short, mornings are frosty, most of the wine is tucked away in barrels and we’re starting our pruning season. It’s early June 2020 in Tasmania; everything seems so normal. 

Normality has suddenly become the most desirable thing. While we used to look for excitement and diversification not so long ago, we’re now looking for the familiarity and routine we didn’t seem to be able to appreciate to its full extent before it was taken away from us. 

But some lost way more than just their daily routine.  In these difficult times we couldn’t help but feel for all of our friends in the hospitality sector who were suddenly left with little certainty as to their future. All these people who really helped us establishing our brand and getting our little label out there were suddenly left in limbo. Thankfully things are looking a bit brighter now and most of them survived the storm but they all need our help now to get back on their feet properly. Please share your love and go eat out, enjoy a bottle of wine and toast to the new old normal.

We highly recommend any of the following restaurants and bars where you should also be able to find a bottle of our wine:

Aloft – Hobart 

Peacock and Jones – Hobart 

Timbre Kitchen – Legana 

Bar TWO – Launceston 

Tasmanian Food and Wine Conservatory – Sassafras 

Pt. Leo Estate – Mornington VIC 

While the whole world tumbled, we had to stay positive and keep pushing through, what turned out to be a very long vintage 2020 – we picked our first fruit on the 23rd of March and finished exactly two months later on the 23rd of May!  While most of our fruit came from the small vineyards we were looking after over the last year, a couple of parcels came from old friends from all over the state, from the North West down to the Huon. A lot of rain all throughout April and May made for a very challenging year but once more, it rewarded the dutiful and patient vigneron. Most of our fruit was outstandingly clean, packed with flavour and thanks to the higher acids led to very elegant wines. We are feeling really positive about what is in barrel and can’t wait to show you these beauties. Again, some new wines in the making too, so stay tuned… 

In other news we have now finally released our 2019 Fumé Blanc. A Sauvignon Blanc fermented in three year old French oak and with extended time on full lees; far from your typical Sauvignon Blanc, it’s a rather surprising wine with a lot of minerality, depth and complexity.  If you would like to purchase this wine please see further details here.

On an other side note; we have started the construction of our future winery and cellar door. This phase has always been an integral part of our adventure and we’re super excited to have found in David and his guys from D2 Spaces the right team to put our airy dreams into concrete and steel reality. The building is located on a slightly elevated plateau on our land with breathtaking views up and down the Tamar, overlooking our newly planted vineyard. Building started in February and we almost have a locked up underground barrel room by now!  Final design details for our winery and cellar door still need to be worked out but we’re confident that it will all be up and running by the end of the year.     

As for our cracking 2019 Chardonnay and Pinot, we anticipate bottling within the next couple of months and will be in touch again to announce their release (if you are not already signed up, stay connected here). 

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